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Monday, February 10, 2014

RWA #1: Unit M: Concept 5: Graphing Ellipses Given Equation.

Definiton:  A set of all points such that the sum of the distance from two points is a constant


There are several parts on the ellipse. Some of the most important ones are the center, the vertices and the co-vertices.We can indentify these parts either with the formula or wiht the graph. The center will be where the line of the two vertices and the co vertices cross. we can find the center by plotting h and k from the formula.
The focus on this graph is used to determine where the the points around the center will be found. as said in the description,  the Focus work as the two point in which the number has to be constant to create what we know as an ellipse.

In the first example of the graph we see how the distance of the two points does not change and it helps us visualize the way an ellipse is plotted.
 One of the biggest examples of ellipses that we have around us is the way that planets rotate around the sun. if we have ever seen a sketch of the way planets rotate around the sun, we see that the trajectory isn't a perfect circle. The orbit creates a shape that is stretched out from the sides which is commonly known as an oval, but in mathematical terms, its an ellipse.
This giant ellipse that the earth creates as it goes around the sun affects us through the stations. The earth is found at different points throughout the trajectory, when the earth is close to the sun there is when we have summer. The time when the earth is found far away from the sun then that's the season that we call fall.
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