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Monday, November 4, 2013

SP # 3 Unit I Concept 1: Graphing Exponential Functions

In this picture I solve a problem where i demonstrate how to graph exponential functions and how to identify the x & y intercepts, asymptotes, domain, and range. First we have to identify what the values for a, b, h and k are. With that we find the asymptote. Later we have to find the x-intercept of the graph by plugging 0 into y. Then you find the y intercept by plugging 0 into x. With those values you can choose 4 key points that will help in the graphing of the formula. The domain for these will always be negative infinity to infinity. The range is the tricky part for this kind of function you have to choose the infinite that corresponds to it and then replace the other infinite by the asymptote.

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